The Moose - Wanted Poster

The Moose - Wanted Poster

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Surname: Moose
Latin name: Alces alces
class: Mammals
size: up to 2.5m high
mass: 400 - 700kg
Older: 6 - 18 years
Appearance: dark brown
Sexual dimorphism: Yes
Nutrition type: Herbivore (herbivor)
food: Leaves, young shoots, aquatic plants
distribution: North America, Northern Europe, North Asia
Sleep-wake rhythm: diurnal
habitat: Coniferous forests
natural enemies: Bear, Wolf
sexual maturitywith about 1 1/2 years
mating season: September - November
gestation: 9 months
litter size: 1 - 2 kittens
social behavior: Loners
Threatened with extinction: No
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Interesting about the moose

  • Only the male elk grows an antler. However, the antler does not serve as a weapon against predators, but in the fight with the conspecifics to the imposition of females. In the spring after the rutting season, the antlers fall off, and grow again until the next rut.
  • Originally moose came from Central Asia and spread from there over the coniferous forests throughout the northern hemisphere.
  • Moose should not be confused with reindeer. Although both belong to the deer family, they differ in appearance (moose become much larger and heavier) and behavior (reindeer are herd animals, moose are loners) noticeably different from each other.
  • Aquatic plants are preferably eaten by moose.
  • Worldwide, the total elk population is estimated at about 2.5 million individuals. So moose are not threatened with extinction. The largest populations live in Alaska and Scandinavia.
  • Moose are a problem for the road. Every year, many people die in traffic accidents with moose.
  • Mostly a moose gives birth to only one calf per year.
  • Moose are loners who roam the landscape with other moose only during mating season.
  • As excellent swimmers and divers moose can even eat underwater. For the moose simply works his nostrils and holds the air.