Bohrium (Bh) - Properties

Bohrium (Bh) - Properties

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Atomic mass, symbol and atomic number

Bohrium is an artificially created element with the element symbol Bh and atomic number 107. In the periodic table it belongs to the transactinoids with an atomic mass of 262.12 u. The chemical element discovered in 1976 is radioactive and is in a solid state of aggregation at room temperature.

Characteristics: Bohrium (English: Bohrium)

Chemical element:Bohrium
Atomic number:107
Group:Manga group
Series:Transition metals
explorers:Yuri Oganessian
Year of discovery:1976
Atomic properties
Atomic mass:262,12 u
Atomic radius:128 pm
Covalent radius:141 pm
Van der Waals radius:unknown
Electron configuration:Rn 5f14 6d5 7s2
Physical Properties
Physical state:firmly
Crystal structure:unknown
molar volume:unknown
Mohs hardness:unknown
Melting point:unknown
Boiling point:unknown
Heat of fusion:unknown
Heat of vaporization:unknown
Thermal conductivity:unknown
Chemical properties

Did you know that ...

  • Bohrium was named in honor of the physicist Niels Bohr?
  • the element should originally be called "nielsbohrium", but rejected by IUPAC?
  • most Bohrium isotopes have a half-life of less than one second?


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